5 Kinds of Floor for Modern Minimalist Kitchen

There are many kinds of kitchen floor that we can choose. They have some varied colors and size that you can chose based on your needs and budget as well. Besides that, these tiles are also perfect for the walls, countertops and backsplash. Below are five kinds of kitchen floors that you can choose for your modern minimalist kitchen.

  1. Ceramics

Ceramics tiles are made from the clay that is heated with a really high temperature. Because of this process, the ceramics tiles have a strong durability and heat resistant. Some advantages that you can get by purchasing the ceramics tiles are like the long durability, cheap and it comes in many kinds of colors and sizes.

  1. Vinyl

The second material that usually use for kitchen floor is vinyl. Vinyl is a type of tiles that is commonly used in renovating the kitchen floors. It is because this tile has a great look and unique look as well. This tile is cheaper than the ceramics tile, stone and porcelain. Vinyl tile is perfect for the kitchen floor, but it is not good for kitchen room that needs a hard floor. If you wanted to give a different touch for your kitchen, you have to choose this tile.

  1. Porcelain

Porcelain tile is a kind of popular tiles that can be used for kitchen floor. One of the pros of this tile is that the porcelain tile is made from the same materials from the upper part up to the bottom part. It makes the porcelain tiles retain from the scratches. Maybe, this is a kind of perfect tile that you can use for your kitchen floor, especially for you who want a strong and clean floor for your kitchen.

  1. Glass

Have you ever imagines having a kitchen floor that is made from glass? In the past time, this is maybe an impossible thing to have. However, at the present time you can use this kind of tile on your kitchen. This glass is different from the other glass materials that we can find on some goods, such as mirror. Nowadays, the glass tile is becoming really popular to be used for a kitchen floor. It is because this glass tile can give more elegant and unique look. This tile is perfect to be used for countertops, floor, backsplashes and wall.

  1. Stainless Steel

If you had many kinds of kitchen appliances that are made from stainless steel, so the stainless steel tile is maybe a perfect option for you. Instead of using the metal layer, nowadays there are many kinds of stainless steel tile that are made from varied shapes and designs. The stainless steel is perfect for the backsplash kitchen. Using this kind of tile will make your kitchen is looker cleaner, more neat and wider as well. You can combine this tile with many stainless steel appliances on your kitchen. Combine the stainless steel tiles with white kitchen cabinets can be a great idea as well.