The Best Kind of Cutting Board: Plastic, Wood or Bamboo?

Which cutting board is the best and the safest made? Is it the plastic, wood or bamboo? This is a really interesting question that needs to be answered. We knew that cutting board can be made from some materials options such as the plastic, bamboo or wood. Each of them is having its own pros and cons, so for knowing which one is the best, we have to reveal the characteristic of each material.


  1. Plastic Cutting Board

Plastic is claimed as the safest material that is loved by most of people or cookers. First, this cutting board is easy to clean. Second, it has a long durability. However, you may be surprised with a fact that is stated by University of Michigan about the plastic cutting board lately. They did a research and found that the plastic cutting board has more amounts of bacteria than wood cutting board. The plastic cutting board’s surface that is scratched by a knife is harder to clean. So, there is a possibility that your food will be mixed together with this little plastic pulp and of course it is not good for your health.


  1. Bamboo Cutting Board

The second material that is usually used for making a cutting board is bamboo. This cutting board is the main option especially for them who love to keep the health of an environment. Bamboo is a recycled material and it doesn’t need any chemical substances for growing really well. There is no any research about the hygienist aspect of using bamboo, but many people believed that this material can be absorbing less water than wood. Bamboo is 19% harder than the maple wood cutting board. That is why; it maybe a little bit hard for using this cutting board when you cut an ingredient with your knife.

  1. Wood Cutting Board

Wood cutting board is friendly enough to be used with knife. This cutting board, like the maple wood cutting board, will be not easily scratched like the plastic one. Wood cutting board will have a long durability, as long as this cutting board is treated properly. For its treatment, you can use the mineral oil but you have to choose a mineral oil that is safe enough for food. However, you have to be careful because not all wood cutting board is made from the best quality wood. In fact, some wood cutting boards are made from re-used wood with bad quality. That is why; before purchasing a wood cutting board you have to take a look at the product. Make sure that it has a proper surface and it is made from great woods. For ensuring you, you can ask the seller about that.

Those are the review of wood, plastic and bamboo cutting board. Each of them has its own pros and cons. So, which one is the best? You can take a look at the description above and decide which cutting board will suit you the most.