Make these 5 Nutritious Soups for Your Children when they got Influenza

Influenza can make children was not having a good mood to eat something. This is not good because they still need to eat for making them fit and healthy again. Some inputs like water, juices and the other meals are really important because their body needs more energy. For this case, soup is a perfect meal that you can give to your children when they got influenza. Soup is easy to digest and it rich in nutrition as well. Below are some kinds of soups that you can make for your children when they got influenza.

  1. Chicken and Vegetables Soup

You can make some meatballs that are made from chicken and your children will love it. You can give a limpid sauce on this soup and complete it with some vegetables that are sliced in small size. Give a small portion of this soup to your children. It will make them more interested to eat this food.

  1. Tuber Cream Soup

Sweet tubers are rich in beta carotene that can increase the immunity of your children. Besides that it has a sweet, soft texture and it is easy to swallow. That is why; this is a perfect soup that you have to make for your children who got influenza.

  1. Potatoes and Sweet Corn Soup

Potatoes and corns are the kinds of good carbohydrate sources. It is needed to recover your children health. This soup has a soft texture with sweet taste that makes this soup is easier to swallow. You can cut some vegetables with small sizes and cooked it until it is soft enough to eat.

  1. Carrots, Potatoes and Chicken Meatballs Soup

Carrots, potatoes and chicken meatballs soup is the next food that suits for your children when they got influenza. You can make this soup by using chicken stock. It will give a really delicious and tasty flavor on that soup. You can also add some other ingredients such as chicken meatballs, carrots and many mother vegetables that will give more vitamin and mineral on this soup. This is a great soup recipe that you have to make for your children. They will love the flavor and this nutritious soup is good for them.

  1. Potatoes Cream Soup

The next kind of delicious and nutritious soup that you can give to your children is the potatoes cream soup. If your children got cough, this tasty and creamy soup can be a great meal to give more energy. This is a really delicious food and it is easy to swallow. You can also eat this soup with some bread. Cut this bread into small size and immerse that bread into that soup.

Those are some kinds of delicious and nutritious soups that you can give to your children when they got influenza and cough. Those soups can be a perfect energy sources for your children and it can be a great source to recover your children health.