Minimalist Kitchen Design for Small Space Ideas

Kitchen is a part of your home interior that can have an important role to make a beautiful impression of your house. Unfortunately, designing a kitchen is not an easy thing to do. Designing a kitchen is need a proper concept and creativity, especially if you only had small space for designing a kitchen. To overcome this condition, you can make the simple concept for your kitchen. With the right kitchen set design, you will get a neat and clean kitchen even only in a small space.

To make a minimalist kitchen design, you can start by making a triangle corner. On that space, you can place a stove, water sink and cabinets for keeping some kitchen utensils. You can also use some hanging cabinets that are placed right above it. It will create more modern minimalist impression in your kitchen. For making this kitchen is more spacious, you can use one color tone or one neutral color like white. One thing that you may not forget in creating a minimalist kitchen is the ventilation. Some experts are highly recommending us for using huge ventilation like wide window in your kitchen. This ventilation will be beneficial, especially for a small kitchen. The wide ventilation will create a good air circulation, so your cooking activity will be more comfortable.

Using many small kitchen utensils are also really recommended for a minimalist kitchen. Nowadays, there are many manufacturers that follow the minimalist kitchen by making some small sizes of kitchen utensils. As an example, it is better for choosing a 24 inches refrigerator instead of a 30 inches refrigerator. It is also a great idea to use a microwave that can be hung below a cabinet. It will make your minimalist kitchen has more space. For making your kitchen is more futuristic, you can apply the kitchen gloss. It is also better for using the small sink with deeper design. It is also better for using a high and deep counter for your minimalist kitchen. It will be greatly accommodate your kitchen utensils. One more smart idea that you can apply on your minimalist kitchen is by advantaging the vertical area. You can make this vertical area as a place for keeping some kitchen utensils. As an example, you can make some kitchen cabinets on this vertical area. Keep it simple by making only a plain colors cabinets without too much motives or pictures onit. This is a kind of smart and efficient way to give more spaces in your minimalist kitchen.

Those are some main rules that you can apply on your minimalist kitchen. It means that as long as you use these rules, you can have a comfortable and spacious kitchen although you have to design it in a small space. You can also use or apply many designs concepts as you like. There are some design ideas that you can use such as the contemporary kitchen, classic kitchen, shabby chic kitchen or many other design ideas. So, happy designing everyone!