What is the Difference between Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu

Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu are the kinds of special meal in Japan. In Japan, many people claimed that this is a kind of luxurious meals that is made from many expensive ingredients. Sometimes, you can even find that this meal is made from premium meat such as Wagyu beef that is really popular and really expensive. Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu is actually two different meals. Below are some different of those foods.


Sukiyaki is a food that is cooked from the thin slices of beefs, vegetables and tofu in an iron pot that is cooked above the table with the boiling technique. Sukiyaki can be enjoyed by immersing the slice of beefs inside mixed eggs. Some kinds of vegetables that you can find are Bombay onion, garlic leaves, shitake mushroom, shungiku and enoki mushroom. As the compliments, there are some ingredients that you can meet such as the konnyaku or shirataki like a transparent noodle with a little bit grey color. There are two versions of Sukiyaki that you can find; they are the sukiyaki from Kansai district and sukiyaki from Kanto district. These types of Sukiyaki have the different ingredients, taste and also different serving way.

Shabu Shabu

Shabu Shabu is a Japanese food that is included to Nabemono food. It has some really thin slices of beefs that will be immersed in a special designed pot that is filled with boiled water and placed above the table. To enjoy shabu shabu, you just need to take the slice of the beef and immerses it on the pot until the beef is cooked enough. The doneness is based on your liking. After that, can eat this cooked beef with sauce that contains some ingredients like sesame seeds (gomadare or ponzu). Inside the pot, you can also see some other ingredients such as vegetables, kuzukiri and tofu. Besides using the beef, shabu shabu can also use the other meats such as the chicken meat, sheep meats, fugu, squids and snapper fish meat. Gyushabu is the name of shabu shabu that uses beefs on it. In Hokkaido, the sheep meats shabu shabu is called Ramushabu. Meanwhile, the pork meats shabu shabu is called Tonshabu or Butashabu. Meanwhile in Nagoya, the chicken shabu shabu is called the Nagoya Kochin or Niwatorishabu. So now you know the name of each shabu shabu. Now shabu shabu is really easy to find in many Japanese restaurants in all over the world.

The main difference between these two Japanese foods is from the water. We can see that the water on shabu shabu doesn’t contain any ingredients, so it is tasteless. Meanwhile, sukiyaki contains some ingredients on the water like sugar, ketchup, sake, etc. The water is brownie and there is an egg that is served. This scrambled egg is used when the beef is done. You can immerse the beef on this scrambled egg and then eat the meat.