Why the Melting Cheese Tastes Better

Melting cheese is not only visually beautiful, but also tastes really good. As we knew, many people love to eat some foods with melting cheese on it. There are some kinds of food with melting cheese that we can find nowadays such as burger, pizza, nachos, bread and many more delicious foods. Now the question is that, how the melting cheese can taste really good? Many people agreed that the taste of melting cheese is so unique, delicious, creamy and of course different with the solid cheese that we usually buy. This statement can be supported by many opinions and researches that were done by some experts. Below are the further detail that we will share.

Melting cheese is made from many little cheese blocks that is melted with the temperature of 65 Celsius degree. In that time, the milk protein matrix that creates the cheese structure was broken and it becomes a melting cheese. Some researches in Netherland did an experiment on a vanilla custard found a description of creamy on dessert depends on some factors such as viscosity, homogeneity, texture and the appearance of surface.

A researcher named Rene de Wijk from “Wageningen UR’s Food & Biobased Research” said the test subject prefer to choose custard with smooth friction on mouth. According to him, the same factor can happen on the melting cheese. A book writer of Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen, Harold McGee, was also added that the warm feeling from melting cheese can be a unique fun. There is also an opinion from Wall Street Journal that supports this. Wall street Journal states that the melting cheese gives a special taste that is different with the taste of common cheese. Hot temperature gives or adding a flavor of the cheese.

The taste of this melting cheese will be perfectly matched with the other foods or ingredients that contain some fats on it. It will create the perfect flavor and taste. As we knew that most people love the fatty foods. Ivan de Araujo, a researcher in Yale University, learns how the nerves system responds a fatty food. The result is that some receptors that are located at mouth, whether it was because of evolution or individual learning, is more active on some foods with a lot of calories and oily texture. Furthermore, fat is called as the sixth tastes that is recognized by human, even from the smell. There are also some people who said that the taste of melting cheese is the fifth flavor after some flavors such as sweet, salty, acid and biter. This kind of flavor is usually founded on some foods such as ketchup, stock and nori or sea grass.

Those are some researches and opinions that can support the fact that melting cheese is always taste better. Now you know the answer and reason and you are ready to make more melting cheese.