Your Guide to Steak Doneness

Knowing steak doneness can be really hard for some of them who are not an expert on this case. It is because many people do still not know about this problem. Maybe they thought that it this is not that important. However, it will become really important if you wanted to open a steak house or if you wanted to cook steak as the main meals on your special event. That is why; you have to read this article to know about your steak doneness.

Medium Rare

The first steak doneness is the medium rare. This steak must have the internal temperature between 55 up to 57 Celsius degree. This steak has to be warm and you will see a little red color in the middle of the steak. The side part of the steak is usually having a brownie color with dark brown color at the steak surface and at the bottom part. This steak has to be heavy at the surface but moist in the middle. You can grill this steak for about 2 – 3 minutes each sides for getting the medium rare doneness.


The medium steak has for about 60 – 65 Celsius degree for its internal temperature. This steak must have brownie pink color in the middle. The side part must have a brown color, where the surface and bottom of the steak have to be a little bit burnt. This steak is most enough in the middle and it can be tasted at the surface as well. You can burn this steak in hot temperature for about 5- 6 minutes long for every sides of the steak. However, it depends on the grill that you use. Usually, this medium steak doneness is the most popular steak doneness that is wanted by most of the people. This is a kind of steak that most suitable for party or event with a lot of guests.

Well Done

The internal temperature for well done steak is 77 Celsius degree or more. One thing to note is that this steak must be not burnt outside although you have to make sure that the steak is cooked perfectly. This steak doesn’t have any pink colors in the middle. The middle of a well done steak has to be brown enough, but it must not burn. This steak must be heavy enough when you touched it with your hand. Well done steak is the most difficult steak to cook. The secret in making this steak is by cooking it slowly with low temperature as well. This is the only way that you can do to avoid the burn and make sure that the middle of the steak is cooked perfectly. You can grill this steak for about 10 up to 12 minutes long for each sides of the steak. Well done steak is one of the most popular steak doneness that is loved by a lot of people. That is why; you have to know how to make a well done steak is.